SPA Suppliers


The rich accompanying programme of LSWS comprises series of face-to-face business meetings, product displays, speaking opportunities, media relationship opportunities, debates, presentations and socializing events with over 250 delegates.

With over 250 delegates and vendors, the international ASEAN LSWS is a great opportunity for highly effective targeted campaigns promoting products and services of interest to travelers, exporters across the globe, VP, Global Product Development, Spa Attendant, SPA SVP and Senior Management, Director of SPA, SPA Owners, SPA Consultants, Spa Director, Asst.Spa Director, Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor and top decision makers and experts engaged in the SPA and Wellness business across South East Asia.

Take advantage of the LSWS multifaceted audience to conduct a broad campaign before, during and after the event.

Browse and pick the appropriate channels for your promotional message among our proposals.

Every original idea will be given due support. If advice is needed, please do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals.


  • Spa developers, designers & architects
  • Investors
  • Importers & agents
  • Spa procurement consultants
  • Spa and Fitness equipment
  • Spa equipment manufacturers
  • Spa software providers
  • Tour operators focused on Medical/SPA & SPA tourism
  • Global SPA Suppliers
  • Global SPA Distributors
  • Tour operators
  • Travel Agencies


  • Face to face business meetings where the vendors and delegates meet each other in person in the same meeting room / ballroom. ASEAN SPA SUMMIT consultants will arrange the number of meetings based on the packages you choose. The vendors and delegates will be well prepared to the meeting room with an intention to participate in the meeting, and can finalize meetings.
  • In-person interactions are the best way to build relationships among people. Often times, when companies offer the possibility of virtual meetings, people still choose to attend face-to-face meetings because they offer the chance to network and become part of a community.


Establishing stronger relationships:

  • Your external relationships with clients and partners making it a point to see these important people in person at least once a year (if not more often) can help strengthen your relationships and develop them in a way that is mutually beneficial.
  • In-person meetings simply have more to offer in the way of forging relationships and picking up on information that isn't on the meeting agenda. For the serious business professional, travel and relationship building is an integral part of work. It shouldn't be relegated to the past simply because new digital tools exist.


  • 250+ Spa Buyers
  • 10+ Industry Expert Speakers
  • 80+ Spa Projects
  • 15+ Hours B2B Meetings
  • 35+ Solution Providers


  • The space only option includes: space rental, general cleaning, general lighting, Wi-Fi.
  • Electric power supply, electrical box and more. The technical services are additionally ordered. Exhibitors are responsible for designing and building their stand by using their own artists. (only raw space).


  • Decision Maker : 59%
  • Influencer : 11%
  • Purchaser/Buyer: 24%
  • End User: 6%


  • Day Spas: 8%
  • Destination Spas: 6%
  • Resort and Hotel Spas: 64%
  • Mineral Springs Spa: 5%
  • Club Spas: 17%

Why Sponsor?

  • Association Credibility

    Sponsoring the event will show extended support for the SEA region SPA & Wellness Industry and will strengthen your relationships with key SPA associations.

  • Brand Awareness

    Your brand is in front of 250+ SPA & Wellness Buyers, Influencers & a few specifiers professionals who are looking for innovative solutions in the market.

  • Generate Quality Leads

    Business matchmaking will be done well before the event. 15 days prior the event you can call, email, choose the buyer. You simply close contracts at the event who you want to talk to.

  • Build relationships

    Develop Relationships you will connect with decision makers, evaluators and influencers who will accelerate your sales.

  • Know your prospects better

    Opportunity to meet Buyers face-to-face.

Sponsor Benefits

Speak at The Summit

  • Speak in front of 250+ leading industry professionals
  • Position yourself as a knowledge leader in you space
  • Lead live case studies and disseminate knowledge to the market

Exhibit at The Summit

  • Have your own display area in the lounge exhibitor zone
  • Launch and introduce your solutions to a highpowered delegation
  • Enable a hands-on experience of your products / technologies
  • Penetrate the market with your products solutions

Market Your Brand at The Summit

  • Display your logo/brand across the summit
  • Capitalize on the event’s groundbreaking marketing campaigns
  • Integrate your newsletters in our periodic social media campaigns